The Computer Guys

Computer Guys of CNS, Inc. is owned and operated by Elizabeth Wellman and Todd Flummer.  Elizabeth has a strong background in management, project management and IT which lends an empathetic hand to the businesses we support.  Coordinating projects and IT work is sometimes difficult and this is where we come in.  Todd has an extensive background in corporate IT support as he has worked for Sara Lee and Inmar in the past.  Supporting large amounts of people with numerous types of issues is something both are used to doing and the combined experience of over 50 years is extremely useful in handling multiple businesses and home users.

What do you do when you aren’t able to afford a full time IT staff?  Call the Computer Guys!! 

That’s what we do, in a nutshell.  Service calls and problems you would normally go to your IT person for, you would call us.  We can use remote support quickly or schedule appointments for larger projects.  Some companies we support have multiple location and we are able to support them remotely which helps to keep their IT structure under one company instead of hiring support at each location.

Helping businesses succeed through technology and efficient processes

just “one of the guys”

Elizabeth Wellman

Owner – President

Elizabeth comes from a healthcare technology and telecommunications background as well as a management background. In 1999 she started working for a medical billing company where she moved her way into the IT department and settled in to project coordination and telecommunications for 7 offices. Eventually making her way to Assistant Vice President in 2008 and then Vice President in 2012 of that same company. The diverse background and the ambition to take a leap and follow a dream is what brought her to be one of the guys at Computer Guys of CNS.

Todd Flummer

Owner – Vice President

Todd grew up in Winston-Salem but recently moved to Davie County and has worked for the IT industry since 1990. He has had corporate IT experience but prefers the more personal and intimate side of the business.

He is the custom computer and gaming builder for our company and has built more than 1000 computers over the years.